Floor Care Pennsylvania

Swift and Efficient Rental Property Cleaning Services in Pennsylvania

Cleanliness is a paramount requirement for a rental property hosted on Airbnb and other platforms. The reputation of a rental property is hugely dependent upon its level of cleanliness. Guests want a clean and comfortable environment and the guest reviews reveal that cleanliness is a major factor for them. Investing in professional cleaning has a number of benefits such as better reviews and higher occupancy rates which ultimately lead to increased revenues. However, it is necessary to select a skilled and experienced Airbnb cleaning company only.

Universal Scrubbers is a highly rated cleaning company well versed in the nuances of cleaning operations for rental properties including Airbnb. It provides top notch hassle-free cleaning services customised to suit the specific needs and budgets of the property owners. Whether it is cleaning the rooms and living spaces or sanitizing the bathroom fixtures and other surfaces or Floor Care Pennsylvania, the services cater to all the cleaning requirements of the rental properties.

Features of the Cleaning Services

Universal Scrubbers provides comprehensive cleaning services for the rental properties. Various surfaces including baseboards and window sills are wiped and dusted using mops, scrub brushes, microfiber cloth, cleaning agents and other cleaning supplies and tools. Bathroom surfaces and fixtures such as tiles, toilet, shower, sink, drain and others are deeply cleaned using powerful but non-toxic cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Kitchen cleaning involves thorough cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen appliances, sink and countertops.

Universal Scrubbers also provides specialist Floor Care Pennsylvania for the flooring in all areas of the property including high traffic zones. The floor care services rejuvenate dirty and worn out floors and impart a shiny appearance to them. Floor cleaning operations include the following kinds of processes.

  • Dust mopping to remove larger debris which can damage the finishing of the floor
  • Damp mopping to remove particulate matter such as soil particles and embedded oil from the floor. This process is carried out using a clean mop head and a cleaning solution suited to the specific nature of the floor
  • Vacuuming using dry and wet vacuum cleaners to remove the impurities from the pores of the floor more effectively
  • Buffing and burnishing to diminish the appearance of the surface scratches and repair the surface finish

Multiple Cleaning Schedules

Universal Scrubbers can be hired for various cleaning schedules required for Airbnb properties. They are as follows

  • Deep cleaning schedule for more detailed cleaning tasks which is conducted at regular intervals depending upon the booking frequency
  • Check-out cleaning schedule after the departure of the guest. This is a comprehensive process involving dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing, changing bedroom linen and more
  • Interim cleaning schedule between guest stays. This is a lighter cleaning schedule with main focus on cleaning the high traffic areas


Universal Scrubbers has a highly experienced, professional and reliable team to take care of each and every aspect of commercial property cleaning. The company can be trusted to maintain the best cleanliness standards.