Airbnb Cleaning Pennsylvania

Best Solutions for Airbnb Cleaning Needs in Pennsylvania

Vacation rental properties such as Airbnb have become hugely popular among investors due to high returns. However, in order to compete in the market and get maximum guest bookings, it is necessary to provide a positive guest experience. Cleanliness is a major factor when it comes to guest satisfaction. Immaculately clean and hygienic Airbnb properties get more positive ratings from the guests. The best option for vacation rental property owners to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness is to hire the services of professional cleaning companies specialising in Airbnb properties.

Universal Scrubbers offers comprehensive services for Airbnb Cleaning Pennsylvania. Expert cleaners of the company ensure that the properties remain spotlessly clean between guest bookings. The cleaning operations are carried out in accordance with the Airbnb guidelines and global best practices. Apart from Airbnb cleaning, the services also include home cleaning services for senior citizens and move in/move out cleaning.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Universal Scrubbers provides highly trained cleaning professionals armed with the best cleaning equipment and supplies to carry out thorough cleaning of all the rooms and spaces in Airbnb properties. A survey of the property is carried out to determine the exact cleaning needs in order to develop a sound cleaning plan.

Guest bedroom cleaning involves mopping, wiping, dusting and vacuuming of wardrobe, bed, nightstand, flooring, lighting fixtures and others. The bed linen items such as bedding, pillows, blankets and others are laundered and replaced with fresh ones before the arrival of new guests.

Detailed kitchen cleaning is carried out. The various steps include cleaning and disinfecting the appliances, internal and external cleaning of the storage cabinets, washing the dirty utensils, countertop cleaning and mopping and vacuuming of the floor and backsplash to remove sticky food particles and grime. Supplies such as dish soap, paper towels and garbage bags are also restocked.

Living room cleaning entails deep vacuuming of the floor, under the furniture, sofa and cushions, cleaning the glass surfaces, dusting the TV stand/side tables/centre table, disinfection of the television remote/light switches/door knobs and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Bathroom cleaning operations comprise of cleaning and sanitisation of bathroom fixtures, mopping and wiping the floor, tiles and baseboards, toilet cleaning, dusting and wiping of shelves and vanities, restocking of toiletries such as soap and toilet paper, replacement of dirty bathroom linen such as towels with fresh ones.

Overall, complete high-end cleaning solutions for all the living spaces makes Universal Scrubbers the best choice for Airbnb Cleaning Pennsylvania.

Other Cleaning Services

Universal Scrubbers offers home cleaning services for senior citizens. The services cover general cleaning of all the rooms, vacuuming and mopping of the flooring, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and sanitisation, organising and decluttering and other cleaning services as required by the clients.

Universal Scrubbers also provides cleaning services either prior to moving in or after moving out of a property. The property is cleaned to make it hygienic for the new occupants. Everything right from dusting and vacuuming of all the surfaces to sanitisation of kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures are covered under the services.


Universal Scrubbers holds extensive consultations with property owners to determine their exact Airbnb cleaning needs. The rates are transparently calculated on the basis of the tailored cleaning plans.