House Cleaning Services Pennsylvania

Custom cleaning solutions for Airbnb and other living spaces in Pennsylvania

Short-term rental properties such as the ones hosted on Airbnb require management of a host of operations including cleaning. Cleanliness is an important requirement for a vacation rental property and cannot be neglected. The best solution is to outsource the task to a professional cleaning company. Such companies have the requisite skills, manpower and supplies for commercial cleaning suited for Airbnb properties.
Universal Scrubbers provides both general and deep House Cleaning Services Pennsylvania for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness as per the global standards of the hospitality industry and Airbnb guidelines. Apart from Airbnb properties, the home cleaning services also encompass cleaning operations during moving-in/moving out and senior citizen homes. It is a dedicated partner in maintaining the property in the best possible state with respect to cleanliness and hygiene.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Universal Scrubbers provides complete solutions for addressing the cleaning requirements of Airbnb and other vacation rental properties. The services include general cleaning of all the rooms and living areas, vacuum cleaning of floor and other surfaces, dusting and wiping of multiple surfaces including baseboards and windowsills, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

Deep cleaning services can also be availed in regular intervals. The operations include bathroom deep cleaning including sanitization of the fixtures, kitchen sanitization, carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor treatment, window and glass cleaning and decluttering service if required. 

Move In/Move Out and Senior Citizen Home Cleaning Services

Universal Scrubbers offers specialised House Cleaning Services Pennsylvania for senior citizens living on their own and for families moving in or moving out of properties and requiring assistance in cleaning operations. The cleaning services cover everything right from mopping, dusting and vacuuming to in-depth cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces.

Step-by-step Planning and Execution

Universal Scrubbers follow a systematic process to carry out the home cleaning operations. The experts of the company hold extensive consultations with the property owners to determine their specific needs. Thereafter, a cleaning plan customized to the particular features of the property and requirements of the clients is created.

A cleaning checklist is made and adhered to diligently by the cleaning professionals. A transparent price quote depending upon the exact nature of the cleaning services and requirements is provided to the client. The cleaning operations are completed within a predetermined time schedule without delays. Quality assurance is provided to the clients.

High-end cleaning agents and disinfectants are used for the cleaning processes. All kinds of essential cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners, brushes, brooms, microfiber cloths and others are at the disposal of the cleaning professionals. The cleaning staff wears gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment during the operations. 


Ultimate Scrubbers offers onetime, weekly, biweekly and monthly options with respect to cleaning frequency to its customers. The company hosts an online form on its website to facilitate enquiries and bookings.